Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Simplest Scarf

Regardless of whether you're a complete beginner or an old hand, this scarf is not only very simple and straightforward, it's also very, very fast: you can easily finish it in an evening (yes, photographic evidence follows.)

You need:
Approximately 100g yarn (about 3.5 ozs)
This will vary according to the width and length of the scarf!

An appropriate hook
Mine was made with half a 7oz-skein of Vanna's choice and an 'I' hook

ss – slip stitch / chain stitch
dc – double crochet [tr - treble - in British English]

Start by chaining the amount of stitches necessary to get your scarf's desired width. This should be a number that you can divide by three and it should be an uneven number (why? I'll show you later.)

Chain 27. Mark the 27th stitch with a piece of yarn or stitch marker.

Round 1
Then chain six more stitches. Crochet 1 dc [tr] in the fourth chain from the stitch marker (here my piece of green yarn) and 1 dc [tr] each of the next two chain stitches in the foundation chain, 3 ss (skipping the three stitches in the foundation chain below them,) then 1 dc [tr] in each of the next three chain stitches. Continue from * to just before the end of the row. You should have three chain at the end: chain 2 and then do 1 dc [tr] in the last stitch of the foundation chain. Turn.

Round 2
Chain 3, then 1 dc [tr] in the space created by the 3 chain in the previous row. Chain 3, then 3 dc [tr] in the space created by the 3 chain below. Continue to just before the end of the row. Do 2 dc [tr] in the space created by the last 3 chain in the previous row, then do the last dc [tr ] in the 'corner' (probably third or fourth chain) of the six of the previous row. Turn.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 till the scarf is long enough, finishing with row 1. This is my scarf after ten minutes (18 cm - 7 inches - long)

And, after one episode of House (43 mins, fact fans), the scarf is more than 60 cm (2 foot) long. 

 Keep going till the scarf is the desired length, and finish with a Round 1. Then add a fringe or tassels by looping the yarn through the spaces created by the 3 chain. We started with an uneven number of chains so we have a 3 ch space at the beginning and end of the first and last row.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!

  2. So easy and quick! Love it! Definitely going to be making a few of these for friends as gifts. Thanks!

  3. I love your tutorial! The pictures and descriptions were great! Thanks for sharing the pattern

  4. Thanks so much for the pattern! I love it.

  5. i am not a crocheter but this seems enough for me :)

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  7. This pattern is sooooo easy thanks for sharing!!!